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About Us

    Discovering the world of UK airports

The idea behind The Airport Guides site was developed by a group of frustrated travel writers and researchers who realised that a complete, comprehensive, and most importantly, user friendly guide with information on all the UK airports in one place would be an invaluable resource on the internet.

Months of careful research was undertaken and information was gathered from a variety of sources and brought together in the form of over 70 airport guides for all the major and indeed minor airports in the UK and Ireland.

When developing the site, the key aim for us was to gather information that visitors to the airport would actually need, and display it in a format where useful information was easy to find. We searched long and hard to find all the relevant information so you wouldn't have to.

We wanted the airport guides to be a "one stop" resource for any enquiry about the airport you are travelling to. Whether you are just after a quick contact number for the airport, want to check what shops and restaurants are available or whether there are disabled facilities, the information is all there in an easy to use format. As well as the basic facts and figures and facility information we have included invaluable extras such as contact details and direct links to local travel and transport companies.

We hope that all our hard work has paid off and this site has all the information you might be looking for. However if you feel that there is something we may have missed or any further suggestions at all please don't hesitate to contact us at enquiries@airportguides.com

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