Aberdeen Airport Guide

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  • In 1931, a piece of land in Dyce, near Aberdeen, was acquired with the intention of being used as a public aerodrome.
  • This land was initially used for shuttles between the Scottish northern isles and London.
  • During World War Two, Aberdeen airport was primarily used as a military base.
  • After the war the airport was mainly used for civil aviation, with the airport joining the British Airports Authority in 1947.
  • In 1967, the airport's first oil-related helicopter movements took place. This was the beginning of a well established role for Aberdeen airport, as by 1988 the airport was recognised as the world's busiest helicopter base.
  • Aberdeen airport plays a crucial part in Scotland's oil industry, with a large number of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft using the airport as a hub for oil-related activity.
  • In 1987 Aberdeen airport was privatised as it became part of BAA plc.
  • Today Aberdeen airport is the world's busiest heliport, with over 35,000 rotary wing movements every year.