Birmingham Airport Guide

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There are three pre-book Birmingham airport parking options, you can choose from the following car parks:

  • Airparks Services (min stay 1 day)
  • APH (min stay 1 day)
  • CPS Personal Parking (min stay 3 days)

Short Stay

The short stay car park is located right next to the terminal and ideal for drop offs and pick ups and stays up to two hours.

  • A 30 minute stay will cost you £1.20.

Mutli Storey

This car parking option is ideal for stays up to a week. There are three multi story car parks within walking distance of the terminal.

  • Prices start at £2.60 for up to an hour.

Long Stay

The long stay car parks are ideal for stays over a week. A courtesy bus regularly transports passengers from the car parks to the terminal. It is advisable to book long stay airport parking at Birmingham in advance.

To book long stay parking at Birmingham airport call +44 (0)870 733 0778

Valet Parking

Valet parking at Birmingham is ideal for passengers who do not wish to transfer between the car park and the terminal. A chauffer will meet you at the terminal and transport your car to a secure compaound, leaving you free to check in with plenty of time and no hassle. Your car will then be delivered back to you at the terminal on your return.

For more information and to book valet parking at Birmingham airport call
+44 (0)870 844 2371

Book in Advance

The car parking information provided above was correct at the time of publishing. Use Airport Parking Shop to check and compare current Birmingham Airport Parking prices.