Bournemouth Airport Guide

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  • Bournemouth Airport originally opened as RAF Hurn on 1st August 1941 and accommodated many RAF units between then and 1944.
  • The airfield was passed into USAAF hands for a short time in 1944 then in mid October it was returned shortly to RAF control before being handed over to the Minsitry of Civil Aviation on 31st October 1944.
  • Until 1948 Hurn was the main terminal for international airline flights into the UK but by 1949 Heathrow was open and airline operators moved there.
  • BOAC,who had a maintenance base at Hurn ,also departed at this time.
  • In 1950 Vickers Armstrong moved into the hangars vacated by BOAC and started production of Varsities, then Viscounts and eventually, as the British Aircraft Corporation, production of the BAC-111.
  • Some airline service continued to the Channel Islands.
  • In 1952 Airwork started operating the Fleet Requirements Unit at the airport.
  • Hurn airport continued to have economic ups and downs but managed to survice and in 1969 the airport was bought by Bournemouth Corporation and Dorset County Council.
  • This partnership ran the airport up until 1995 when it was sold to National Express.
  • The airport is today known as Bournemouth International Airport and serves the south coast with an increasing number of charter flights as well as a number of UK and European scheduled destinations.