Derry Airport Guide

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Airport Name    Derry Airport
Airport Code    LDY

Derry airport is situated seven miles north east of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The historic city of Derry is Northern Ireland's second largest city. The airport began its life during WW2 as Fleet Arm base, and then after the war was over the base remained in the military's hands until the 1950's when the majority of the land was handed back to the original landowners, except for Eglinton which remained a flying club. In 1978 Derry City Council decided to purchase the airfiled with a view to improving the transport infrastructure for North West Ireland. The airport has continued to develop ever since, and between 1989 and 1993 a total of £10.5 million was spent on upgrading the airport. When a new termianl was opened in 1994 the name of the airport was offically changed from Eglinton to the City of Derry Airport. Today the airport handles roughly 200,000 passengers per year, and has 4,000 aircraft movements.

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