Leeds Bradford Airport Guide

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  • Started as an aerodrome in 1931.
  • Had expanded by 1935 and scheduled flights began to Newcastle, Blackpool, Edinburgh and the Isle of Man.
  • In 1939, scheduled flights were stopped and the airport developed so that it could be used as a test ground for new military aeroplanes during the war.
  • Civil flights recommenced in 1947.
  • By 1955, several more European destinations had been added to the airport's scheduled flights.
  • A new runway was opened in 1965, but in the same year the terminal building was destroyed in a fire.
  • The new terminal was opened in 1968, and in 1976 the first package holiday flight left Leeds Bradford.
  • Improvements to the runway and terminal facilities were begun in 1982, with the hope of turning the airport into a category B regional airport. This work was completed in 1985.
  • The airport was made a company in 1987, with shares distributed between the West Yorkshire metropolitan councils.
  • Time restrictions were relaxed in 1994, meaning that the airport could operate flights throughout the night as well as during daytime hours.