Liverpool Airport Guide

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  • First scheduled flight in 1930.
  • Official opening in Summer 1933.
  • Major construction took place in the 1930s to cope with the growing demand for passenger flights - in particular across the Irish sea.
  • First buildings to be built were a passenger terminal and aircraft hangars.
  • Hard surface runways were built during WWII to cope with the war aircraft.
  • After the war, the airport was owned by the Ministry of Aviation until 1961.
  • The local authority then took ownership of the airport and the main runway was extended.
  • This runway was opened in 1966, when the airport gained permission for 24 hour flights.
  • In the mid '70s, the airport was handed over to Merseyside County Council. When Merseyside County Council was turned into five Merseyside Borough Councils the airport was handed over to these.
  • The original 1930s passenger terminal was closed and replaced with a brand new one in 1986.
  • In 1990, British Aerospace bought 76% of the airport, making it the first UK airport to be controlled by the private sector.
  • By the mid '90s, passenger demand had grown sufficiently enough to warrant extensive renovations and expansion to the passenger lounges and arrivals hall.
  • Peel Holdings PLC took control of 76% of the airport in 1997.