Manchester Airport Guide

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  • In 1926, Manchester council recognised the need for a permanent airport in the region.
  • Manchester airport has moved through several initial locations before settling at the one it is at today.
  • In 1929 a temporary airport was opened in Wythenshawe for use while the new airport was being built.
  • By 1930 the new airport at Barton was completed and opened; however, this was deemed too small for the size and number of commercial aircraft that it was required for.
  • This resulted in building work for a new airport starting in 1935 at Ringway.
  • Ringway was opened in 1938, and scheduled flights commenced.
  • Scheduled flights ended during WWII when the airport was developed to accommodate more military aircraft.
  • Normal services were resumed after the war, and by 1949 more enhancements were made to the passenger terminal, which are then upgraded again in 1962.
  • The main runway has been extended 3 times, in 1951, 1969 and 1981.
  • Terminal 2 was opened in 1993.
  • By 1995, 15 million passengers per year were travelling through the airport.
  • To handle increased demands, the second runway to the airport was built in 2001.