Manchester Airport Guide

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There are several airport parking options to choose from at Manchester airport. Choose between:

  • Airparks Services (min stay 5 days)
  • APH (no min stay)
  • Autostrong Park and Fly (min stay 5 days)
  • Carminder 2 (min stay 3 days)
  • Carminder 2 Meet and Greet (min stay 3 days)
  • CPS Personal Parking (min stay 3 days)
  • Multi Storey (T1,2,3) (min stay 8 days)
  • Premier Park (T1,2,3) (min stay 8 days)
  • Ringway Airpark (no min stay)
  • Securapark (min stay 3 days)
  • Short Term Parking (no min stay)

Short Stay

Short stay parking is reccommended for stays lasting up to five hours and is available in all three terminals. Covered walkways connect all the short stay car parks and the terminals.

  • Prices start at £1.80 for up to 30 minutes.

Long Stay

Long stay parking is ideal for holiday parking and is available at all three terminals. The long stay car parks are all connected to the terminals by a transfer service that runs every 5-15 minutes (depending which car park you choose).

Long stay parking can be booked on the day, however it is advisable that you book well in advance to ensure availability.

Call +44(0)870 733 0778 for more information and booking.

Valet Parking

If you do not wish to catch a transfer from the car parks to the terminal you may wish to choose Meet and Greet Valet Parking Service.

The valet parking service involves chauffeur meeting you at a pre-arranged time at your departure terminal and parking your car for you in a secure compound. When you return your car will be delivered to you at the terminal.

Call +44(0)870 733 0778 for booking and information.

Compare Parking Prices

The car parking details provided above were correct at the time of publishing. Visit Airport Parking Shop to check and compare current Manchester Airport Parking prices.