Newcastle Airport Guide

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There are 4 airport parking options at Newcastle airport. Choose from:

  • Bellair Parking (no min stay)
  • Callerton Patrking (min stay 3 days)
  • On Airport Parking (min stay 1 day)
  • Park & Fly (min stay 3 days)

Short Stay

The short-stay car park is ideally located right in front of the terminal building, and is ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers.

  • Parking for up to 15 minutes is free.
  • Prices start at £1 for up to half an hour.

Long Stay

The long stay car park is located a short bus ride away from the terminal, the buses run 24 hours a day. The car park is ideal for passengers who wish to park for 3 or more days.

  • Prices start at £25 for 3 days.